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Cedar Rapids IA Tax Preparation

We provide high quality tax preparation at an cost-effective price. We’re a regional tax agency supporting taxpayers in Cedar Rapids IA along with the surrounding region. We’re capable to assist people with straightforward and standard tax returns as well as incredibly complex tax situations, and everywhere in between.

Our licensed tax specialists have expertise with all kinds of tax situations, and can enable with items like household employment taxes, rental properties, investment income, self-employed people, home office expenses, inheritances, investment property, K-1 investments, Alternative Minimum Tax, armed forces and active military, overseas and even expat taxes.

We produce a variety of small business tax services for sole proprietors, partnerships, and S Corporations. We know that just about every business and taxpayer is unique, and we take the time to know your position and provide you with the perfect service and outcome you deserve.

Types of tax returns prepared:

  • Federal income tax returns (IRS tax returns)
  • State income tax returns
  • Personal (or Individual) tax returns
  • Nonresident tax returns
  • All Business tax returns, which includes corporations, partnerships, and small business tax preparation
  • Property Tax Returns
  • Payroll Tax Returns
  • State Sales Tax Returns

Tax Services we provide:

  • Tax preparation services and filing
  • Tax planning
  • Tax advice
  • Tax consulting
  • Tax help

Typical questions we hear about income tax preparation in Cedar Rapids IA:

Do I have to file income taxes?

In case you acquired or earned any income, you in all probability need to file an income tax return. There are situations in which it’s possible you’ll not need to file, depending on just how much your income was, how old you are, and your filing status (married, single, etc). Should you’re not sure, have this info handy and call us at XXX-XXX-XXXX to confirm if you really should file a tax return or not. In some situations, you may not be required to file a return but filing could present you with a tax refund.

 When will be the deadline to file taxes in Iowa?

The deadline to send your personal income tax returns is April 15, and that applies to both the federal return to the IRS as well as the Iowa tax return. When you can’t send the return by April 15, you are able to file an extension (by 4/15) which gives you until October 15 to submit your return. In the event you do get an extension, you still need to pay any amount due by April 15–the extension is only for submitting the return not paying your tax bill.

 Who can prepare tax returns?

You want to use a tax professional who is reputable and trustworthy, this just isn’t one of those instances to use the most cost effective tax preparer. An inexperienced or non-professional preparer can cost you considerably more money by filing incorrectly and result in overpaying taxes, and even worse–underpaying taxes which could lead to IRS penalties and other troubles.

 How do I discover reputable tax preparation in Cedar Rapids IA?

Most trusted tax preparers are registered with the National Association of Tax Professionals. And when the tax preparer is an Enrolled Agent (EA), they’re most probably registered within the National Enrolled Agent web site in addition to the Iowa EA directory.

 Can I prepare my income taxes myself?

You are allowed to prepare and file your own tax return, and many individuals do so either by hand or computer. Some of our clientele put together their own taxes and use us for tax planning or to review the return they prepared. It is really essential that your tax return is correct, and hiring us is the very best way to be confident you are receiving all of your respective refund with out any pricey problems. It is really easy to overlook or miss deductions and credits that you may be entitled to claim.

To discover more or to hire us for Cedar Rapids IA tax preparation, tax planning, tax services, and small business tax preparation in Cedar Rapids IA, Contact us now at XXX-XXX-XXXX.

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